Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Philly Garage Flyer #1

Expect to see these everywhere in the next week or so. I plan on making a few more designs and putting them all over every light pole in the city.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Digital Leather @ Sailor Jerry Store

September brought two shows to the Sailor Jerry store Digital Leather and Brimstone Howl (which i sadly missed). But i did see Digital Leather and loved it. These guys are probably one of my new favorite bands and it was a blast seeing them play on the sidewalk in front of myself and 20 other people.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Customers @ Sailor Jerry Store

The Customers - "Howling At The Moon" Live On The Street!

I got to catch a few free shows this summer in front of the Sailor Jerry Store in center city. August 7th The Customers (atlanta...duh) and Love City (locals) both played and it ripped. Heres a video of The Customers playing "howling at the moon" on a disgustingly hot summer evening. Make sure to check out the Customers again on Dec 17th at JRs bar!

Tough Shits @ KFN celebrating Adam Wallacavages 18th birthday

August 25th 2009 at Kung Fu Knecktie The Tough Shits and Love City played a free show for philly photographer and visual artist Adam Wallacavages birthday (Monster Sized Mosters phtography book, look it up). This was a great party on a random tuesday night.
Photos by Dawn Walsh.


More pics at

EL Fuego - promo video by e.p.k.

Promo video for El Fuegos e.p. "not your average conversation about the weather". Overall cheesey interview but these dudes are my friends and they play a good mix of 60s garage and power pop.

El Fuego from Electric Palm Tree on Vimeo.

Far-Out Fangtooth " Hey Not With Him Now"

Awesome new psych/ garage band! Some of the dudes form Dark Horse and a dude from Mean Streets. Live video of Far-Out Fangtooths "Hey Not With Him Now" from their first show 9/26/09 at the M-Room in Philly with Casual Viking and Mondo Topless.